DESQUE: A New School Desktop Solution Utilizing NoMachine NX Technology

DESQUE is a new school desktop solution that utilizes NoMachine NX technology to provide teachers and students with secure and reliable access to virtualized desktop infrastructures.

The solution was developed by Kreisbildstelle Stade, a provider of new technologies to public schools, and budget-IT, an OpenSource Solution provider. DESQUE provides virtualized KDE desktops using NX to remotely access Debian Linux servers located in the operational center in Hamburg, Germany. The XEN hypervisor allows the servers to be divided into a number of virtual machine (VM) environments. Then NX provides the teachers and students remote access from home or school to these VMs, which can host up to 70 programs needed for educational purposes. The DESQUE project was founded in 2008 and has been well received by the public schools in Germany. At DIDACTA 2009, visitors interested in trying DESQUE firsthand can test it out immediately with the demo server NoMachine has provided for this event. They can also receive a free demo CD to install the NX Client and connect directly to the demo server to test the solution on their own.