TioLive: A New SaaS Platform for Enterprise Management at Unrivaled Cost

TioLive is a new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Enterprise Management targetted at small and medium organizations that provides unparalleled integration of ERP, CRM and Groupware at unrivalled cost.

TioLive is marketed by TIOLIVE LLC (Dover, USA), a fully owned subsidiary of Nexedi SA (France). TioLive has been designed to eliminate all the complexity of mission critical ERPs such as ERP5. With TioLive, a small organization with little or no budget can access a mature ERP, CRM and CMS environment, custom-configured to its needs, in less than 10 minutes. Hosting service on TioLive servers is provided for free without time restrictions. TioLive software is Open Source.

It has no license costs for extra users. "TioLive introduces unprecedented progress in enterprise management and economic competitivity. Job shops and startup companies can now benefit immediately from the same level advanced information infrastructure as the largest corporations, without even spending a cent", according to Jacques Honore, TioLive Community Manager. TioLive provides all the tools for companies to run their daily business: All applications share a single database which is unique to each company. Perfect integration of all applications drastically reduces data duplication and redundant data-entry. Ubiquitous... safely. TioLive is 100% SaaS. You can access it from anywhere with any PC or Smartphone connected to the Internet.

It is completely multi-platform and requires no previously installed software other than a Web browser. Jean-Paul Smets adds: "TioLive is also based on trust. At any time, you can retrieve your data. We promise to give you back the information which is yours and the TioLive source code necessary to reuse your data any way you want on your own machines or even through those of ours competitors". Beyond its affordability and completeness, TioLive is easy to use. You can learn how to use it in a few hours through freely available online tutorials. More than 4 500 subscriptions to TioLive services have already been performed in over 120 countries.