Google, Collabora Multimedia and Entropy Wave team up to change the internet video experience forever

Collabora Multimedia and Entropy Wave have teamed up with Google to help promote the WebM effort, a project that aims to change the nature of internet video forever by creating an open and royalty-free standard for distributing video and audio content on the internet. The VP8 codec is a high-performance video compression codec that requires little processor power to decode and display, even at HDTV quality. This means viewers of YouTube and other online video can use significantly less bandwidth, making for a vastly improved experience. Collabora Multimedia and Entropy Wave worked with the Google team to enable WebM support throughout the GStreamer multimedia framework, ensuring developers can quickly deploy WebM support with their applications and devices from day one. As part of the WebM effort, there is also an official mapping for putting the VP8 video codec into the Ogg container format created by, enabling http streaming of VP8 video. This means that a wide variety of GStreamer applications such as video players, web browsers, video editors and devices based around GStreamer will now become WebM enabled automatically.