Opsview Adds Native Support for SUSE Linux

Opsview, a leader in network and application monitoring, has built native support for SUSE Linux into its latest software release. With the future of SUSE Linux assured by Attachmate's recent acquisition of Novell, Opsview believes demand for SUSE Linux support will be stronger than ever before.

The company is now able to offer enterprise-grade features such as high availability, reporting, and service desk integration to customers that need them. Opsview's latest free, open source edition - Opsview Community 3.11 - officially supports Suse Linux Enterprise 11. Opsview is a mature network, server, applications and cloud monitoring platform based on open source components that delivers control on an enterprise scale. Its outstanding combination of ease-of-use with a flexible, standards-based architecture has attracted a wide range of enterprise and government customers including Ericsson, Electronic Arts, Allianz, PlusNet, Lidl, Harvard and Yale Universities and the Irish Revenue. For more information on the new features and enhancements in Opsview Community 3.11 edition please visit www.opsview.com or contact Tom Callway on +44 (0)7837 008 746.