GoAhead Software Joins Linux Foundation to Enhance Open Source Business Strategy

Leading provider of COTS software for network equipment manufacturers, GoAhead Software, has joined The Linux Foundation to enhance its open source business strategy. This move is expected to help GoAhead actively participate in the collaborative development model and advance both its company strategy as well as Linux overall. The success of Linux in the telecommunications infrastructure market is driving demand for the OS in mobile and consumer electronics, and companies like GoAhead see the breadth of opportunity for using Linux as a core part of their business and technology strategy. GoAhead will participate in various Linux Foundation events for technical focus and cross-education opportunities. The Linux Foundation is home to the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) workgroup, which focuses on working with network equipment providers and carriers to gather requirements and produce specifications that Linux distribution vendors can implement, and to take unimplemented requirements and foster development projects that will meet these requirements and assist in upstream integration. GoAhead's leadership and commitment to Service Availability Forum standards prevent vendor lock-in and ensures application portability across different hardware and software platforms. Proven in over 65,000 deployments, GoAhead is helping industry leaders such as Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman reduce development costs and accelerate time to delivery.