SMEStorage Releases GA Version of Linux Cloud Drive with Graphical Sync Tools

SMEStorage has released the first GA version of their multi-cloud tooling for Linux platforms. The tools include a virtual cloud drive and a graphical desktop to cloud synchronization tool. The SMEStorage open cloud platform allows companies to mix and match different storage clouds and access them from a Cloud File System, making changing storage clouds as easy as changing file directories. The Linux Cloud Drive Direct enables user desktop access for all storage clouds they have mapped to their account and presents a single file system view of all files stored in their different clouds. The Graphical synchronization tooling enables users to keep specific directories in sync with their Cloud Files and also features an additional clone feature to entirely replicate a directory from Cloud to Desktop or vice-versa.

The Cloud Tools are available for Debian, CentOS, OpenSUSE, and Fedora Linux distributions. SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne stated that the company is trying to blur the lines between the web and work environments with their mobility tools for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. He also mentioned that as the Linux tooling becomes more mature, they expect to add collaboration and file sharing capabilities. The solution can be thought of as 'cloud of clouds' or SMEStorage as a cloud data broker in which they provide sophisticated access and additional services to the underlying data silos. These data silos are becoming more of an issue for individuals and organizations and SMEStorage is seeing huge growth in the ability to choosively access and manage this data.