Databricks Introduces New Generative AI Tools

Databricks, a leading data and AI company, has announced new Lakehouse AI innovations that make it easier for customers to develop generative AI applications, including large language models (LLMs), directly within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. With these new features, customers can accelerate their generative AI journey by unifying the data and AI platform, making it faster and more successful to develop, train, and deploy LLMs. The new capabilities include Vector Search, a curated collection of open source models, LLM-optimized Model Serving, MLflow 2.5 with LLM capabilities such as AI Gateway and Prompt Tools, and Lakehouse Monitoring. These innovations help organizations manage LLMOps effectively and reliably, improve the accuracy of generative AI responses through embeddings search, and provide end-to-end visibility into data pipelines to continuously monitor, tune, and improve performance. With these new features, Databricks continues to democratize data and AI for more than 10,000 organizations worldwide.