SmartX Introduces SKS 1.0 for Rapid Deployment of Production-Ready Kubernetes Clusters

SmartX Inc., a leading provider of hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, has announced the release of SKS 1.0, a new tool designed to help I&O teams easily deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters. With the increasing popularity of Kubernetes in enterprise environments, I&O teams are increasingly involved in building and maintaining these clusters, which can be challenging due to the need to master new technology stacks, select appropriate components, and manage potential resource silos. SKS 1.0 addresses these challenges by providing a one-stop solution for building production-ready Kubernetes clusters with necessary resources.

The product features of SKS 1.0 include easy-to-use Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management through a graphical interface, production-ready storage and network pre-integration with cluster high availability, and flexible choices for components and Kubernetes versions. SKS offers standard Kubernetes with user-selected open-source components, integrating proven CNCF ecosystem components like MetalLB, Contour, Prometheus, and supporting different Kubernetes versions in workload clusters with no vendor lock-in.

SKS has completed compatibility tests with platforms such as Alauda and Bocloud, to help users build a complete container cloud solution. The tool can be used for various use cases, including quickly creating and managing Kubernetes clusters based on VM, supporting virtualized and containerized apps on existing hardware resources, and providing Kubernetes clusters for multi-tenants.

Overall, SKS 1.0 is an exciting new tool that will help I&O teams easily deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters, making it easier to build and maintain these clusters in enterprise environments.