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Isovalent, the leading company behind the open source technologies Cilium and eBPF, has announced that Ian Knight has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer. Knight, who was previously a global sales leader at Red Hat, NGINX, and SUSE/Rancher, will manage Isovalent's global go-to-market strategy as enterprises around the world adopt Cilium and eBPF to achieve a single connectivity layer that unifies cloud-native and legacy infrastructure.

Cilium is an open source software for networking, security, and observability between container workloads on Kubernetes infrastructure. Fueled by the revolutionary kernel technology eBPF, Cilium has become the de facto technology for Kubernetes platform engineering teams at major enterprises across every industry--and the default networking and network security layer for the most popular public cloud providers' Kubernetes services, including Microsoft (AKS), Google (GKE, Anthos) and Amazon (EKS-A).

eBPF and Cilium are two of the fastest-growing cloud-native infrastructure technologies in the Kubernetes ecosystem, with major enterprise users like Visa, eBay, Adobe, CapitalOne, Bell, Palantir, Ikea, and Sky. eBPF's co-creator, Daniel Borkmann, is Principal Software Engineer at Isovalent. Cilium's creator, Thomas Graf, is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Isovalent.

Knight's addition to the leadership team comes just months after the company appointed Sejal Korenromp as VP of Marketing. Korenromp joined most recently from Snyk, and prior to that spent over seven years in Marketing leadership roles at Elastic, the company behind the three very popular open source projects -- Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

Isovalent has also enjoyed significant industry recognition, including the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Cloud Networking. In the report, Isovalent falls in the Innovation/Feature Play quadrant as an