IBM Launches New Advertising Campaign for Watsonx

IBM has launched a new advertising campaign to introduce Watsonx, its next-generation enterprise-focused artificial intelligence and data platform. The campaign aims to define and differentiate Watsonx as a force multiplier that can accelerate impact for global business leaders looking to apply AI solutions in new and innovative ways. The two distinct spots feature a fast-paced, multi-media technique that provides inspiration and guidance around the value proposition of Watsonx while underscoring the need to identify the right AI that will empower businesses to advance objectives and accelerate workloads. With Watsonx, businesses have a unified platform to tap into IBM's best foundation models and machine learning capabilities, trained on their own secured data and tailored to their unique needs. The campaign uses design language in creative ways to express the benefits of Watsonx, including using a slot machine technique to convey that using the wrong AI is a gamble and an