OpenSSF Welcomes Six New Members from Leading Technology Firms

The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), a cross-industry initiative of the Linux Foundation that focuses on securing open source software, has welcomed six new members from leading technology firms.

The new general members include, RTX, Shopify, SlimAI, and Stacklok, while the Rust Foundation joins as an associate member. These companies are committed to investing in open source security and recognizing the role of supporting and sustaining open source communities in maintaining a healthy, vibrant, and secure open source ecosystem. The OpenSSF recently released the Source Code Management Best Practices Guide 1.0 and is currently serving as challenge advisor for the DARPA AI Cyber Challenge (AIxCC). The organization also plans to reply to a recent US Federal Government request for information on Open Source Software Security. Last week, the OpenSSF brought together US Government officials with industry leaders at the Secure Open Source Software (SOSS) Summit 2023 to discuss security challenges in critical infrastructure sectors and beyond.