Unified Acceleration Foundation Formed to Drive Open Accelerated Compute and Cross-Platform Performance

The Unified Acceleration Foundation (UXL) has been formed to drive open accelerated compute and cross-platform performance. This foundation is an evolution of the oneAPI initiative, which has witnessed significant growth as an open programming model that spans different architectures such as CPU, GPU, FPGA, and accelerators. The UXL Foundation brings together ecosystem participants to establish an open standard for developing applications that deliver performance across a wide range of architectures. The foundation boasts a distinguished list of participating organizations and partners, including Arm, Fujitsu, Google Cloud, Imagination Technologies, Intel, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Samsung. These industry leaders have come together to promote open source collaboration and development of a cross architecture unified programming model. The UXL Foundation is enabling solutions that are productive, performant, and provide customers with the freedom to choose the hardware that best fits their unique needs. To learn more about the Unified Acceleration Foundation, including how to get involved as a developer or member, visit https://www.UXLFoundation.org.