Harness Releases Gitness -- Open Source Git Platform

Harness Releases Gitness -- Open Source Git Platform

Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform® company, has announced the availability of Gitness™, a fully open source Git platform that brings a new era of collaboration, speed, security, and intelligence to software development. Gitness is freely available today at gitness.com.

Two key obstacles that developers and teams grapple with in traditional software development are the lack of quality open source platforms and the complexity of managing multiple tools. Most existing solutions come with a hefty price tag, lack essential features, or have significant 'feature bloat,' making the product difficult to both use and maintain. At the same time, managing and integrating disparate tools leads to time-consuming administrative tasks and potential integration failures, causing bottlenecks, errors, and security risks in the development process and contributes to developer toil.

Gitness addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive, new open source Git platform where code hosting and automated pipelines are seamlessly integrated, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools. Setting up and getting started with Gitness takes minutes, simplifying collaboration, ensuring security, and optimizing development workflows, unifying source code management and devops pipelines in one platform.

Gitness includes streamlined collaboration and speed through automated status checks and mandatory reviewers, enhanced security with branch protection rules and robust user access management, efficient code management with AI-powered semantic search, and automated pipelines that optimize performance through caching and reduce manual intervention. One of Gitness's standout features is its easy migration process, allowing developers to effortlessly migrate their existing repositories and pipelines to Gitness.

Harness also announced Harness Code Repository, a premium module based on open source Gitness tailored to meet the demands of enterprise teams and organizations. Harness Code Repository provides enhanced features and capabilities like governance with OPA policies and fine-grained RBAC, and seamless integrations tailored for the development process on the Harness platform.