Cloud Native Computing Foundation Announces Cilium Graduation

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has announced the graduation of Cilium, an eBPF-powered open source, cloud native solution for providing, securing, and observing network connectivity between workloads. Cilium began as a simple CNI implementation but has since expanded to include capabilities like network policy, meshing multiple Kubernetes clusters together, replacing kube-proxy, providing network encryption, integrated ingress and egress gateway, bandwidth management, BGP, and connecting external workloads into Kubernetes. The project is now the second most active CNCF project in terms of the number of commits, behind only Kubernetes. Graduation marks a validation of Cilium's growth, maturity, and future outlook and cements its leadership in the eBPF space. To provide input on the direction of the project, please fill out the recently launched Cilium User Survey. You can also talk to project maintainers at the upcoming CiliumCon on November 6th in Chicago, join the Contribfest, and watch the eBPF Documentary premiering at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America on November 8 in Chicago, IL or virtually.