Newest Open 3D Engine Release Introduces Industry-First Automations, Accelerates Work for Robotics and Game Developers

The Open 3D Engine has just released its latest version, O3DE 23.10, which brings new usability and performance improvements and capabilities for developing high-fidelity robotics simulations and games. The engine offers tightest ROS2 integration in the industry, many new improvements and features focus on robotics simulations, and it includes several automations that accelerate developer work. O3DE 23.10 also adds support for ARM64 on Linux, significantly reducing costs for developers. The latest release represents high-impact contributions and offers several improvements aiming to make it easier for developers, artists and content creators to build 3D simulations for AAA games, robotics simulations and various other 3D applications across AI, metaverse, digital twin, automotive, healthcare and more. The engine's modularity makes it possible for developers to enable different aspects of the engine as needed, such as a new contact sensor, or the ability to add their own sensors. The Open 3D Foundation (O3DF) is home to the O3DE project and is committed to making an open-source, fully-featured, high-fidelity, real-time 3D engine for building games and simulations available to every industry.