Hyperledger Foundation Adds Seven New Members; Moves Two Projects to Graduated Status

Hyperledger Foundation, a global ecosystem for enterprise-grade blockchain technologies, has announced the addition of seven new members to its community. The new members include Blocklabs, Deloitte, Japan Securities Clearing Corporation, Norges Bank, Toposware, Validation Cloud, and others. These new members reflect the worldwide engagement in the Hyperledger ecosystem. In addition to the new members, two projects, Hyperledger Cacti and Hyperledger FireFly, have been moved to graduated status by the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC).

This move reflects the maturity of the code base, development standards, community, adoption, and scale for a project. The graduation of these two projects comes as organizations adopt next-generation blockchain development approaches and incorporate digital assets and tokenization into their businesses. Hyperledger Foundation continues to drive market education and training with new additions to its case study library, the launch of a use case tracker with 180+ deployments of Hyperledger technologies, and a new certification offered via Linux Foundation Training. The newest case studies detail Kaleido's works with Hyperledger Foundation to advance Hyperledger FireFly and enterprise blockchain and digital asset adoption, and how TradeWaltz and NTT Data delivered an all-in-one platform for the global trade market built on Hyperledger Fabric. The new Hyperledger Fabric Certified Practitioner (HFCP) certification is designed for software developers to prove their skills and knowledge on Hyperledger Fabric and for companies to become Hyperledger Certified Services Providers (HCSPs). Through support from its members, Hyperledger Foundation fosters the development and deployment of enterprise-grade, industry-specific applications, services, and solutions built on open source enterprise blockchain and related technologies. Companies joining the General Member community are Blocklabs, Deloitte, Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC), Toposware, and Validation Cloud. Hyperledger Foundation supports a premier global open-source blockchain community that values the contributions and participation from various entities. As such, pre-approved non-profits, open source projects, and government entities can join Hyperledger Foundation at no cost as associate members. New General Member quotes: Blocklabs: