KIOXIA's New Hardware Module Samples Enable Wider Adoption of Linux Foundation's Software-Enabled Flash Technology

In a significant development for the storage industry, KIOXIA America, Inc. has announced new hardware module samples that support the Linux Foundation's Software-Enabled Flash (SEF) project. This open source collaboration aims to maximize the value of flash memory in hyperscale cloud environments by making it software-defined.

The Software-Enabled Flash Project, hosted by the Linux Foundation and co-founded by KIOXIA, is designed to benefit the storage developer community. With these new hardware samples, developers can now evaluate the capabilities of software-enabled flash storage for their specific applications.

Mike Dolan, senior vice president and general manager of projects at the Linux Foundation, expressed his excitement about this development: "We are very pleased to see the first hardware samples with support for the Linux Foundation's Software-Enabled Flash technology being delivered by KIOXIA." He added that this project, which launched last year, offers a revolutionary new way to make flash storage devices software-defined.

KIOXIA is proudly delivering the first 32 terabyte software-defined flash storage hardware device in an E1.L form factor supporting the Linux Foundation Software-Enabled Flash Project. Scott Stetzer, vice president of technology for KIOXIA America, Inc., stated, "We are excited to be at the forefront of this innovation and look forward to working closely with the Linux Foundation and the broader storage developer community."

The Linux Foundation's Software-Enabled Flash Project offers several levels of membership and participation. Interested parties can learn more about how to get involved, contribute, or become a member by visiting

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