Inno on Fire

pgEdge, a startup that offers a fully distributed database optimized for the network edge based on the popular open source PostgreSQL database, has shown strong growth and momentum since its launch in March 2023.

The company's top priority has been collaborating closely with early customers to address their most challenging database issues, including data latency, high availability, and data residency requirements. Since then, pgEdge has acquired several new customers, including PublicRelay, Qube RT, Control Plane, a national security customer, and The company is also actively collaborating with several prominent financial services and technology companies who have been looking for a product like pgEdge for some years. This week the company announced the general availability of its pgEdge Platform, after a successful seven-month beta period that provided valuable feedback from early customers and evaluators. In addition to this, pgEdge has rounded out its executive management team with the addition of experienced executives with decades of experience in the enterprise software industry. The company's progress has not gone unnoticed, as it was listed as an