Capital One Joins FinOps Foundation as Premier Member

The FinOps Foundation has announced that Capital One will be joining as a Premier Member. Capital One, a technology company with deep expertise in FinOps, is already engaged in the FOCUS project, which aims to build and maintain a common specification for cloud cost, usage, and billing data. Anne Johnston, VP of Cloud Cost & Engagement at Capital One, will also be joining the FinOps Governing Board as a voting member to help craft Foundation strategy and direction. This move by Capital One is significant as it showcases their commitment to advancing the practice of FinOps and contributing to the growth of the community. The FinOps Foundation is a non-profit trade association focused on advancing the people who manage the value of cloud, and this partnership with Capital One will help further their mission of delivering connections to peers, certification, and open source best practices through programs like FinOps Certified Practitioner and FOCUS.