SUSE Enhances Cloud Native Portfolio with Rancher Prime 2.0

SUSE Enhances Cloud Native Portfolio to Manage Diverse Cloud Native Environments at Scale

SUSE has announced the availability of Rancher Prime 2.0, which enhances customers' ability to manage heterogeneous, multi-cloud Kubernetes deployments securely and at scale. The release includes new integrations, extensions, and a generative AI-powered assistant that simplifies operations and enhances user productivity. SUSE also revealed updates to Rancher community edition, SLE Micro 5.5, and the future of SUSE Edge. These updates continue to meet the diverse needs of the developer while furthering SUSE's mission to provide choice.

Rancher Prime 2.0 is designed to be interoperable by design, providing even more value and support for customers. The release includes new UI extensions that simplify operations and enhance user productivity, such as NeuVector integration and Cluster API streamlining. Additionally, the Rancher Prime Application Collection is a curated library of developer and infrastructure applications that can be quickly and easily launched with confidence. A generative-AI powered Rancher Prime Customer Assistant is also now generally available in the Rancher Prime customer Slack channel, providing insight and guidance on myriad topics including installation and configuration, performance, and troubleshooting.

Rancher 2.8 is now generally available with new features such as upgraded Kubernetes support, enhanced platform customization with a new self-service secure Public API, and improved GitOps workflows. SLE Micro 5.5 allows users to download container and workload images from trusted registries and transfer them into air-gapped environments for increased security. Finally, SUSE has announced that NeuVector will be available on Azure Marketplace and Rancher will be available on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace by end of year, providing customers with a simple means to deploy Rancher and NeuVector on hyperscalers while also retiring their cloud spend commitments.

Overall, these updates demonstrate SUSE's commitment to enhancing customer productivity and providing choice for developers in the cloud native ecosystem.