Neo4j and AWS Collaborate on Generative AI Solutions

Neo4j, a leading graph database and analytics company, has announced a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance generative AI results while addressing AI hallucinations.

The partnership includes integration with Amazon Bedrock for enterprise generative AI outcomes that are more accurate, transparent, and explainable. With this integration, Neo4j can serve as an enterprise database for grounding long-term memory for large language models (LLMs) while providing long-term memory for more accurate, explainable, and transparent outcomes for LLMs and other generative AI systems. The partnership also includes the general availability of Neo4j Aura Professional, a fully managed graph database offering in AWS Marketplace, enabling a frictionless, fast-start experience for developers on generative AI. With this collaboration, Neo4j is releasing a new integration with Amazon Bedrock, which enables reduced hallucinations, personalized experiences, and the ability to generate vector embeddings from unstructured data. The partnership aims to provide customers sophisticated options to deliver more accurate, transparent, and personalized experiences for their end-users in a fully managed manner.