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Mandriva Linux Now Available on Dell Laptops

Mandriva, a European Linux publisher, has announced the availability of a Dell laptop pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux. The company worked with Dell to certify this first consumer laptop, which is now being sold direct to students by Dell. The certified computer is a WIFI 1,4 to 1,7 GHZ …

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Global GPLv3 Development and Publicity Project Launched

The Free Software Foundation is launching a global project to update the world's most popular free software license, GPLv3. The project will involve thousands of organizations, developers, and users from around the world, with support from Stichting NLnet and other organizations. The goal is to increase the international reach of …

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Squish Integrates Valgrind Memory Debugger

froglogic GmbH has announced the availability of support for the Valgrind memory debugger in the GUI test tool Squish for Qt and XView. Squish is a leading GUI test tool that allows easy creation, recording, editing, debugging, and running automated tests in scripting languages like Python, Tcl, and JavaScript. The …

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Trolltech's Qtopia Technology Powers Cellon International's Newest Linux-Based Handset Platform

Trolltech, a leading provider of technologies for Linux and cross-platform software development, announced that its Qtopia software for Linux-based mobile phones is the application development foundation for Cellon International's new C8000 handset platform. The C8000 platform is designed for wireless handsets that offer full multimedia capabilities, including a media player …

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Microsoft and Open Source: A Step Towards Interoperability

Microsoft recently approached Open Source Development Labs with an offer of co-operation on research. Unfortunately, the kind of joint research that Microsoft proposed is designed to extend the Linux vs. Windows war-of-words, not help users of either platform. Cybersource has an alternate suggestion: it's time for Microsoft to actually do …

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MEPISLite 3.3.1-2.test03 Released for Testing

MEPISLite 3.3.1-2.test03 is available for testing at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and public mirrors. This is expected to be the final test release of MEPISLite 3.3.1-2, which includes a bug fix in the 'copy Desktop' function and a polished Desktop OnTheGo application.

The changes in …

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MEPIS 3.3.2.test02 Now Available for Public Testing

SimplyMEPIS 3.3.2.test02 is now available for public testing via the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at public mirrors. The new version includes a 2.6.12 kernel and SMP kernels for pentium4 and K6 are planned for shortly after it goes final.

Software RAID support is builtin but …

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Scalix Makes Commercial-Grade Email and Calendaring Affordable for Everyone in the Workplace

Scalix Corporation, a leading provider of email and calendaring software on Linux, has introduced Scalix Community Edition, a free, unlimited use version of its award-winning software. The software includes a full version of Scalix's industrial-strength server and Scalix Web Access (SWA), a revolutionary cross-browser, cross-platform web client that delivers desktop-grade …

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MEPISLite 3.3.1-2.test02 Now Available for Public Testing

MEPISLite 3.3.1-2.test02 is available for public testing via the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and public mirrors.

Look in the 'testing' subdirectory. For up to 30 days, please send feedback to This version of MEPISLite includes MEPIS' new Desktop OnTheGo application. Desktop OnTheGo is a completely …

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Sysbotz Enterprise Platform Upgraded with Enhanced Interactivity and Compatibility

Sysbotz has upgraded its Sysbotz Enterprise Platform, a PHP business application platform. The upgrade includes faster rendering and more developer control at the client end, allowing web developers to create feature-rich web applications with greater interactivity. The new rendering engine is more compatible with wider support for browsers such as …

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Portal Software Extends Billing and Revenue Management Platform to Run on Open Source Operating System

Portal Software, Inc., a leading provider of billing and revenue management solutions for the global communications and media markets, announced its commitment to support the Linux platform. Portal 7 for Linux will be available in the first half of 2006, providing greater flexibility and cost savings for media and communications …

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Scalix Wireless Solution: Simplifying IT Infrastructure and Reducing Costs

Scalix Corporation has announced the Scalix Wireless Solution, which provides wireless access and synchronization of all email, calendar, address book and PIM data. The solution supports all leading wireless devices and carriers, giving customers greater flexibility and choice while simplifying their IT infrastructure and reducing costs. The Scalix email and …

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Progeny Partners with NCS Technologies for Custom Linux Platform Solutions

Progeny has announced a partnership with NCS Technologies to offer custom Debian- and RPM-based Linux platforms to their customers. This agreement will benefit Progeny customers by providing a source for high-quality custom hardware, as well as Linux customization services. The NCS Swift Appliance Partner Program will also be available to …

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Debian Conference Breaks Records in Helsinki

The Debian Conference held in Helsinki, Finland was a great success with over 300 attendees and more than 20 sponsors. The conference featured talks, workshops, demonstrations, coding marathons, and round table discussions on various aspects of the Debian project. Highlights included a presentation about the large-scale deployment of Debian workstations …

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Mandriva Linux Distribution Certifies BitDefender Security Solutions

Mandriva Linux distribution developers issued BitDefender security providers with certificates stating full compatibility between BitDefender for Samba Linux File Servers, BitDefender Mail Protection for Small Business and Mandriva Linux Corporate Server 3.0.

The certification attests that Mandriva system administrators will have no trouble whatsoever with installing and running the …

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New WYSIWYG Web Editor Released for Desktop Linux Users

Nvu 1.0, the latest version of the free, easy-to-use Web authoring system for desktop Linux, Macintosh and Microsoft Windows users, was released today. Nvu gives non-technical computer users the power to create, edit and publish professional, attractive Web sites without requiring programming or HTML coding skills.

It is available …

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Mandriva Announces New Support Contract with MACIF

Mandriva announces a new support contract with MACIF, a major European personal insurance company with 4.5 million subscribers. Mandriva will handle Linux support Level 3 on part of MACIF's information network for an unlimited number of computers.

The Linux operating system combined with open source components like Samba and …

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Trolltech Launches Qt 4: A Major New Version of Its Cross-Platform Development Software

Trolltech has launched Qt 4, a major new version of its popular cross-platform development software that delivers a comprehensive framework for building high-performance, cross-platform applications. The new features and functionality throughout Qt 4 extend Qt support to the development of the most complex, advanced applications as well as powerful back-end …

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OpenPKG releases version 2.4 of its software packaging facility

The OpenPKG project has released version 2.4 of its software, which is another evolutionary step after eight releases in four years. The unique OpenPKG architecture leverages proven technologies like Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and OSSP and GNU components to establish a unified software administration environment, independent of the …

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Mandriva Announces Second Version of Multi Network Firewall

Mandriva, formerly Mandrakesoft, has announced the second version of its comprehensive infrastructure and security system Multi Network Firewall (MNF2). MNF2 provides advanced firewalling, IDS (Intrusion Detection System), and VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities in a single product made easy to use by a simple web interface. New features include new …

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