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64 Studio extends Debian customisation platform to support Ubuntu sources

Bespoke GNU/Linux distribution specialist 64 Studio Ltd. has announced that its Debian customisation platform has been extended to support Ubuntu sources, allowing it to produce, maintain and support one-off distributions which retain package compatibility with official Ubuntu releases. The company offers an automated platform for OEMs and system integrators …

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Lone Wolves releases gnome-hearts version 0.2.1

Lone Wolves is happy to announce the immediate release of gnome-hearts version 0.2.1. This release fixes a number of bugs in the AI code that could cause a crash the game under rare circumstances.

Also, a number of improvements to the build system have been backported from Debian …

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Terra Soft Releases Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 for Sony PS3, Apple G4/G5, and IBM System p

Terra Soft has released Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 for Sony PS3, Apple G4/G5, and IBM System p. Built upon the CentOS foundation, a popular derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), YDL v6.0 offers enterprise quality for the home user. The release marks an important point in …

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Squish 3.3: Cross-technology support for automated GUI testing

froglogic GmbH has announced version 3.3 of Squish, a leading cross-platform automated GUI testing tool that supports a variety of user interface technologies including Trolltech's Qt toolkit, Java AWT/Swing/NetBeans, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP/JFaces, Web/HTML/AJAX and Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa.

Squish is used in …

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Technalign releases new versions of Pioneer Basic and Stagecoach, introduces PCs with Intel processors and partners with Wintergreen Systems for the Indiana Computer 1:1 Program project

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of the Pioneer Basic 3.1 workstation, Stagecoach 3.1 the combined server and workstation, and it's enterprise server MigrationSERVER 3.1. These workstations utilize the KDE desktop and run off a Live CD for users to test before installation. The new releases maintain …

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Automatix and Technalign Release New Repositories for Pioneer Project

Automatix and Technalign have released the first set of repositories for Pioneer, a new Debian derivative project.

The repositories are setup in three different sections including Cowboy for free as in free speech and free beer software, Cowgirl for free as in free beer but not as in free speech …

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Technalign releases Pioneer Basic workstation final with corrections to issues reported by the communities

Technalign has released the Pioneer Basic workstation final with corrections to issues reported by the communities. The workstation uses a Live CD that allows the end-user to test the workstation before installation and maintains a 7-year lifecycle. Those running previous versions of Pioneer Basic only need …

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TuxMobil: The Comprehensive Guide to Linux on Laptops and Notebooks

TuxMobil is an online resource covering all aspects related to Linux on laptops and notebooks. The site has more than doubled its number of free guides and how-to's in less than three years, with over 7,000 links to installation and configuration guides for various laptop models and manufacturers. TuxMobil …

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McObject Appoints Christopher J. Mureen as Chief Operating Officer

McObject, a developer of groundbreaking database software for Linux-based embedded systems and intelligent devices, has appointed veteran software executive Christopher J. Mureen as chief operating officer with primary responsibility over sales and marketing. McObject develops the eXtremeDBTM in-memory embedded database system, which is optimized for high performance demands and minimal …

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Ted Ts'o Joins Linux Foundation as Fellow and Chief Platform Strategist

Ted Ts'o, a highly regarded member of the Linux and open source community, has joined the Linux Foundation as a Fellow and chief platform strategist. He will contribute his leadership experience working with a broad set of Linux technologies to the LF's technical efforts, including the Linux Standard Base (LSB …

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Pioneer Explorer Released with KDE 4.0 and KDE 3.X; 3-year Lifecycle Announced for Pioneer Explorer

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of Pioneer Explorer workstation RC 2 and Pioneer Basic workstation final.

The workstation uses a Live CD that allows the end-user to test the workstations before installation. Pioneer Renegade and Pioneer Explorer are both community editions …

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Pioneer Basic and Explorer Release Final Candidates

Technalign, Inc. announced today the release of the final release candidates of the latest versions of Pioneer Basic and Pioneer Explorer. Pioneer Basic has a 7-year lifecycle while Pioneer Explorer is geared towards people who require a stable operating system in the community without support.

Technalign is announcing that the …

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New Ideas Corp. partners with to offer community-level support for Linux-preloaded PCs

New Ideas Corp. has partnered with to offer community-level software support for Linux-preloaded PCs from C3PC. is a Free Software community that provides forums, blogs, and tutorials to support users of Free Software and educate the community about it. Ryan Cornmesser, President of New Ideas Corp …

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Zmanda Announces Support for Ubuntu in Amanda Enterprise Edition

ZmandaTM, a leader in open source backup and recovery software, announced that its Amanda Enterprise Edition now supports Ubuntu.

This makes it the first enterprise backup software available for this popular distribution of the open source Linux operating system. Amanda Enterprise for Ubuntu gives users an affordable, robust backup and …

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Showcase Your Open Source Project at the Southern California Linux Expo

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) is a premier regional Open Source software show that will take place February 8th, 9th & 10th, 2008 in Los Angeles, California at the Westin Airport hotel.

SCALE offers the perfect venue to meet and trade ideas with developers and users. Some past exhibitors have …

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Sixth Annual So Cal Linux Expo Opens Registration

The Sixth Annual So Cal Linux Expo is now open for attendee registration. The event will feature a variety of speakers and exhibitors, including Novell, IBM, and Plain Black. The expo will also include specialized conferences on topics such as Women in Open Source, health care, and education. If you …

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ActiveState Releases Open Komodo and Initiates Komodo Snapdragon Project

ActiveState has released Open Komodo, an open source platform for building development environments based on the award-winning Komodo IDE. The platform is focused on development using dynamic languages and Ajax technologies. ActiveState is also initiating a project on the Open Komodo platform, codenamed Komodo Snapdragon, which aims to be a …

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SYSGO and SYSTEREL Announce Partnership to Develop Safety-Critical Systems

Paris-based SYSGO, a leading supplier of software solutions for safety and security applications, has announced a new partnership with SYSTEREL, a French company specializing in developing embedded real-time systems. The two companies share many things like target markets and customer relationships, and SYSTEREL's engineering offering is highly regarded in the …

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FSCONS: The First Ever Conference for Free Software in Scandinavia

The first ever conference for Free Software in the Scandinavian region, FSCONS, will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden on December 7th and 8th, 2007. Top-notch programmers, hackers, lawyers, government representatives, and companies such as Erik Josefsson (EFF), Georg Greve (FSFE), Trolltech, OpenMoko, Imendio, Red Hat and more will be present …

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Mandriva Linux 2008 Released with Enhancements and Innovations

Mandriva has announced the release of Mandriva Linux 2008. The new version comes with many enhancements and innovations, including cutting-edge desktop technology, simple tools for Windows migration, and advanced support applications. The availability of Mandriva Linux 2008 is now available for download at the same time, with Powerpack 2008 also …

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